The address you’re seeing is a “private system” address, not intended to be seen by different PCs out on the Internet, and accordingly ready to be utilized on other private systems like your neighbor’s.

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In the present arrangement of IP tending to (adaptation four, or “IPv4”), there are 4.3 billion conceivable tends to utilizing the 32-bit framework (e.g., That sounds like a considerable measure until the point when you understand it’s far short of what one for every individual on the ¬≠planet. There is a proposed framework called “IPv6” that will give 3.4 x 1038 locations – which works out to 5.15 x 1024 for every individual on the planet. Be that as it may, until the point that IPv6 is set up, it’s best to moderate those special locations for when we truly require them.

To benefit as much as possible from the accessible IPv4 addresses, your Internet specialist organization allots one of a kind IP address for every Web switch (no doubt a link or DSL modem). That is the manner by which whatever is left of the Internet knows to send information forward and backward to you particularly. Be that as it may, inside your own system, every one of your gadgets are alloted private IP numbers. Utilizing a procedure known as Network Address Translation (NAT), the switch can at present pass particular parcels on to the correct machine or gadget inside the system, despite the fact that every individual gadget has just a private IP. The switch capacities as the portal between your private system and the Internet.

There are three basic IP extends that are saved for private systems:;; and I’ll wager you’re seeing the last one, or particularly something like the address “” That’s the most widely recognized square of private tends to that are utilized as a part of home systems, which go up to, for a sum of 65,536 tends to accessible for use in your private system. So since you have an indistinguishable IP from your neighbor doesn’t mean you’re on a similar system or that he can see your machines. That is, obviously, except if you’re having a similar Wi-Fi association – in which case, I’m certain your Internet specialist organization might want to talk with you.