The SR-1 Rogue speed rope is a definitive in hop ropes for cutting edge CrossFitters and a standout amongst other bounce ropes for twofold unders. This speed rope is made of a metal 3/32″ link covered in a plastic sheath, and is effortlessly customizable to your rope length needs. The six inch decreased handles are glass filled and nylon gum coats which implies they’ll last practically a lifetime. Each handle is weighted with two metal rollers and has a swivel rope connection giving a smooth and clean revolution. The main disadvantage to the SR-1 is the plastic link sheath will destroy after some time, especially in case you’re hopping on concrete or a comparable surface, abandoning you with an uncovered metal link. On the off chance that that happens however, Rogue likewise stocks generally shoddy substitution links that are effortlessly fitted to the handles. In case you’re after a shorter handle, Rogue additionally influences the SR-1s To speed Rope.CrossFit jump ropes height

Powermax hop ropes from Rogue are a decent choice in case you’re simply beginning with a metal link rope or an inquisitive to perceive how they perform. The rope here is a 3/16″ vinyl covered steel link which makes it heavier than the SR-1 yet a superior decision for middle of the road link clients.