For Dietary Supplementation: “I’ve lived with uneasiness my entire life, and in my 50s presently, post menopausal, endeavoring to diminish my pressure and emotional episodes. Pharma made me excessively tired and had reactions, so I abandoned those in my late 30s. L-theanine was suggested by a drug specialist, and I’ve taken 100-200mg multi day toward the beginning of the day and it has worked ponders with my uneasiness. It enables me to be sufficiently quiet to settle on intellectual changes and decisions before I over-respond. It has likewise assisted with my foggy reasoning, enabling me to center. I saw it in my canine’s “quieting bites” strikingly enough. Have likewise begun offering it to an on edge young person and it assists with center. It taken just in morning, it might stay away from the rest issues that some have, yet I’ve discovered that another 100mg may be required in evening. I’ve had no rest issues with it, however that could be on the grounds that I generally just take toward the beginning of the day.” supplements for anxiety stress

For Dietary Supplementation: “Following four days taking L Theanine – drinking Matcha Tea lattes 1-2 daily I had a seizure. I saw I felt sort of uncommon in the wake of drinking the Matcha tea, quiet yet additionally sort of amped up in the meantime.