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  According to a recent survey, over 20 percent of people in China think digital payments will replace cash transactions in the future.


  The survey by the China Payment and Clearing Association found that nearly 90 percent of people used QR code payment apps in 2018. The survey also found that when it comes to paying for public transport, two out of every five people will scan a QR code to pay for their ride, while one-third use a NFC payment system and 20 percent use an IC card.

  But while nearly everyone is going cashless when it comes to taking public transport, the survey suggests that cash is still king when it comes to paying for some public services, including hospitals, expressway roads, and parking.

  Although mobile payment apps are increasingly popular in China, many users are worried about their security. The survey found that more than 80 percent of people are afraid that their personal information might leak, 70 percent worry they'll accidentally scan a fraudulent QR code, and 67 percent think payment codes can be unreliable.

  The survey also revealed that around half of the people in China continue to use both digital payments and cash.


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  The U.S. tech giant Apple saw its stock price more than 9 percent in early trading on Thursday after the company issued lower guidance for 2019 first quarter.


  In a letter to from CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday, the company lowered revenue guidance to 84 billion U.S. dollars, down from the 89-93 billion dollars range it had projected.

  The gross stood at approximately 38 percent, according to the letter, also lower than previous estimate.

  Apple attributed the lowered guidance to four main factors, namely the of iPhone launches, a strong U.S. dollar, sales of products including Apple Watch Series 4 and iPad among others, and economic weakness in some emerging markets.

  Cook also said in the letter that fewer carrier , price increases based on the strength of the U.S. dollar and cheaper battery caused the weak iPhone upgrades for the quarter.

  Apple shares traded as low as 142.81 dollars apiece, or nearly 10 percent lower on Thursday, registering a 52-week low. The company's stock price hit 52-week high three months ago at 233.47 dollars apiece.


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