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  1,162 companies blacklisted for pollution

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  Sept. 4 - A total of 1,162 companies and projects have been blacklisted by the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) by August 17 since it started a national campaign in July to tackle water pollution.

  Pan Yue, director of SEPA, said 400 out of the 1,162 companies and projects have been closed down and the others have been suspended or fined.

  Pan said the campaign was aimed at adjusting the industrial structure in the vicinity of the Yellow River, the Yangtze River, the Huaihe River and the Haihe River to environmental pollution along the rivers.

  However, he said it is far from enough just to close some projects.

  "A comprehensive environmental protection system should be established to limit the development of industries with high energy consumption and high pollution," he said.

  He said an system for local officials should be established in which the officials' performance in environmental protection will be measured.

  "Before the establishment of the system, SEPA will strengthen and over the areas where there have been companies and projects with high pollution," Pan said.

  Some 112 local policies and regulations which contradicted environmental protection laws and regulations have also been abolished during the campaign, Pan said.


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  French oil giant purchases Chinese private petrol stations

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  Chinanews, Beijing, Sept 4 – Total Group, the world's fourth largest oil and gas company, has recently finished the purchasing deals to buy 20 private petrol stations in China's Liaoning Province.

  The information was released by Zhou Youshan, chairman of the China General of Commerce Oil Distribution Committee, when he attended the 2007 China Oil Distribution Industry Development . He said that the French company had been running through related procedures for buying three private Chinese oil companies.

  “Chinese petrol stations have no oil resources and they have a hard time sustaining their business,” Zhao said.

  At present, many privately-run petrol stations have no product oil for sale, he said.

  A reporter from Beijing Business Today tried to verify the news with a private oil company in Liaoning. However, the reporter was not able to get a definite answer. The person in charge at the private oil company only told him that the French company had bought some Chinese private petrol stations and the number was far more than 20. However, he refused to disclose information.

  This reporter later learned that apart from Taotal, many domestic oil companies from southern Fujian Province have traveled north to buy petrol stations in Liaoning.

  Last June, there was that 80 Chinese private oil companies, since they had no oil resources, were struggling for business and in the end, the managers of these oil companies wanted to sell their enterprises to some foreign oil giants. The foreign oil giants included Shell, BP and Mobile. Last August, the China General Chamber of Commerce Oil Distribution Committee told this reporter that the state had changed its policy on private oil enterprises and related purchasing deals had been cancelled.

  “The fact that Chinese private companies were purchased by foreign enterprises was the result of development in China's oil distribution market,” said Han Xiaoping, CIO of China5e.com.

  He predicts that in future, more and more domestic private oil companies will be purchased by Chinese oil giants like PetroChina and Sinopec, as well as large foreign oil companies.


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  Property industry to remain hot next 10 years

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  Chinanews, Beijing, September 4 – Due to the wide demand-supply gap in the property market in China, the property industry in the country is expected to maintain a rapid growth in the next ten years.

  According to Yang Shen, former Minister of Construction, total floor space of houses had increased by 8.86 billion sq m in 1980 – 2006. The average floor space of houses per capita in China is larger than the figure in many other countries.

  In the past decade, the property industry has been soaring continuously at an average annual growth of 14%, contributing to 4.5% of China’s GDP. It is estimated that the growth of the property industry will take up 8% of the country ‘s GDP by 2010.

  With nuclear family taking the place of extended family in China, housing demand has become stronger and stronger in the market.

  In the next 10 years, commercial houses with the total floor space of 9.9 billion sq m will be needed. That is to say, the property industry must manage to keep an annual growth of 13.2%. However, taking China’s shortage of farmland into consideration, it will be very hard for the property industry to achieve it.

  Nevertheless, the shortage of land might also present a chance of rapid growth of business value of the property industry.


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