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Source:Xing'anLeagueNewsNetwork    Updated:2020-02-28 08:09:06



  A street is destroyed by rioters on Monday in Hong Kong. Photo: Global Times

  Rioters in Hong Kong have escalated their violence over the past few days. They are obviously attempting to intimidate citizens who love the country and Hong Kong, and silence pro-establishment politicians by creating black terror.

  We hope all patriotic Hongkongers won't be frightened and call on the police and citizens to work together to fight the mobs. Those rioters are like grasshoppers at the end of autumn, whose days are numbered. Hong Kong is China's territory, and the country is powerful and resolute enough to ensure order returns to Hong Kong.

  Violent as they are, the rioters are afraid. So they wear masks to evade the law. Looking around the world and reviewing history, it's easy to learn that many evil forces came to their end overnight.

  Hong Kong is part of China. The places where mobs went on rampage are a short drive from the nearest outpost of the Armed Police based in Shenzhen, and a short walk from the People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison. The core of the "one country, two systems" principle is to safeguard Hong Kong's peace and prosperity. The country could employ direct intervention to ensure this under the Basic Law, and it will never forget this obligation.

  Hong Kong should be governed by Hongkongers and Beijing has given a high degree of autonomy to the city. The country has always been willing to control the situation in the special administrative region under the existing governance structure. If the mobs arbitrarily escalate the challenge, leading to more serious and widespread disorder and humanitarian disaster, direct intervention by the country is inevitable.

  The Hong Kong public should have the confidence that the 1.4 billion compatriots in the mainland are standing together, heart to heart, with them. Their mainland fellows are paying close attention to the situation in Hong Kong, caring about the living conditions and safety of people there. Under no circumstance will the country and mainland society abandon Hongkongers who love the country and the city.

  The US is using Hong Kong rioters as a tool and will abandon them if necessary. But mainland society and Hong Kong citizens are family. The country will firmly defend the future of patriotic Hongkongers.

  We call on citizens who love the country and Hong Kong to be united and motivated, to work out more ways to resolutely fight the mobs while protecting the individual safety. The goal of stopping violence and ending chaos is hopeful. The 1.4 billon mainlanders and a powerful country are standing behind the Hongkongers while the mobs are in their final struggle. There is no reason to be afraid of them.


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