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  Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to show 5% growth in 2011, according to the International Fund's latest regional report.


  Its outlook for next year is even brighter, with 6% average growth.

  However, the IMF's Africa director, Antoinette Sayeh, warned of the impact of global financial on the region.

  She told the BBC it could mean "lower exports, inward investment(对内投资) flows and decreasing aid levels".

  Ms Sayeh also said that inflation, driven by high food and fuel prices, could become a problem.

  She advised governments of the need to "tread a fine line between addressing the challenges posed by strong growth and preparing to off the potentially effects(不良反应) of another global downturn".

  Middle-income countries, most South Africa, have not had the same success, with growth of 3.5% this year.

  The region has been hit by high unemployment and household debt, fragile consumer confidence and weak demand from Europe.


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  The internet site eBay has reported a 14% increase in third quarter profits.


  Net income for the three months to the end of September came in at 1m (£311m), up from 2m in the same period last year.

  EBay said the growth was driven by increased activity on its online marketplaces and greater use of its PayPal payments network.

  But in after-hours trading in New York, the company's shares fell 5% to .45.

  " were assuming there would be upside surprise in or the guidance," said Fred Moran, an at the Benchmark Company.

  "They maintained their full-year forecast , which reflects a little caution around the global economy."

  In his results statement, chief executive John Donahoe stressed the importance of the company's applications for mobile phones.

  "Mobile commerce continues to accelerate as consumers change the way they shop and pay," he said.

  "We are focused on enabling commerce, consumers shop anytime, anywhere, and being the commerce partner of choice for of all sizes."


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  The world's biggest food group, Nestle, has raised its sales growth outlook for the year after a better-than-expected performance in the first nine months.


  sales from January to September rose 7.3% on a year ago, helped by higher prices and strong demand in emerging markets.

  Nestle said it now expected in 2011 to "slightly over-perform" against its long-term organic growth range of 5-6%.

  Nestle's brands include Nescafe, KitKat and Perrier water.

  Sales in Europe over the first nine months grew by 3.8% and sales in the Americas grew by 5.6%.

  However, emerging markets saw double-digit growth, with sales in Asia, Oceania and Africa rising by 11.7%.


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