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  10-km railway tunnel in Fujian completed

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  FUZHOU, May 13 -- A ten-kilometer railway tunnel has been completed in southeast China's Fujian Province for a new bullet train service that will be put into operation in 2008.

  The railway runs beneath the Jimian Mountain inside the county of Lianjiang.

  "The Jimian Mountain Tunnel is one of the 53 tunnels required to be completed for the construction of a railway connecting Wenzhou, a port city in east China's Zhejiang Province, and Fuzhou, capital of Fujian," said Zhang Zongyan, chairman of the board of China Railways No. 12 Bureau Group Corp.

  According to Zhang, 76 percent of the 300-km-long Wenzhou-Fuzhou railway is inside Fujian Province, and so far, 80 percent of the tunnels for the railway have been completed.

  It is expected that the Wenzhou-Fuzhou railway will be finished and put into service in June 2009, eight months ahead of schedule. Construction began in December 2005.

  , there is no railway service between Wenzhou and Fuzhou. It takes about six hours for a single journey between the two cities by bus. But when the projected railway is completed and put into service, a single journey between the two cities by train will only take about two hours at most, according to Zhang.


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  Bank loans soar in Shanghai in April

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  SHANGHAI, May 13 -- Bank loans increased rapidly in China's financial center of Shanghai in April this year despite government efforts to in excessive lending.

  Outstanding loans grew by 25.3 billion yuan (3.2 billion U.S. dollars) in Shanghai last month, up 260 million yuan from March and 14.3 billion yuan from the same period of last year, according to the latest report from the Shanghai Headquarters of the People's Bank of China.

  Most of the loans went to the manufacturing, water conservancy, real estate and and , said the report.

  Domestic banks contributed 13.3 billion yuan, up 7.9 billion yuan, while the remaining 11.9 billion yuan was given by foreign-funded banks, up 6.3 billion yuan.

  Although credit supply from small to medium sized banks showed signs of slowing down, state-owned commercial banks and foreign-funded ones experienced fast growth in their outstanding loans.

  In April, Renminbi loans increased by 6.84 billion yuan in state-owned commercial banks and 7.2 billion yuan in foreign-funded banks, up 9.9 billion yuan and 4.6 billion yuan respectively, while other banks reported an increase of 5.01 billion yuan, up 330 million yuan.

  Personal consumer loans in Renminbi increased by 1.1 billion yuan, half of which were housing loans.


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