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  17% of export surplus is falsely created

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  Chinanews, Beijing, May 22 – Over the past few months, the number of new stockholders that opened an account in the stock market kept soaring. Seeing this, some people claim that China has entered into a new stage when nearly every Chinese seems to have into the stock market. However, an official from the State-owned Assets and Administration Research Center (SASACRC) recently said such claim did not reflect the real situation.

  The statement was made by Wang Zhongming, head of SASACRC, when he attended the 2007 Securities China Investment held in Beijing last Saturday. At the forum, Wang voiced his strong support for Chinese stock market.

  When talking about the widely concerned claim that almost everybody in China is trading in the stock market now, Wang said people's enthusiasm in the stock market was “actually a very good thing.”

  To Wang, Chinese people's enthusiasm in the stock market was not as high as some people thought. Although information from the China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation shows that the number of people that have opened an account in the Chinese A-share market have now reached 95 million, which is arrived at by adding the number of stockholders in both Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets. If the number is divided by two, we can see that there may be only 40 million stockholders in China. Among these 40 million stockholders, at least half of them (20 million) have accounts: these people are either migrant workers or those stockholders who only speculate in new stocks. So, in fact, there may be only 20 million stockholders who really have active transactions in stock trading and this number is very small in the total Chinese population.

  “At present, we shouldn’t presume that the market is ‘overheated.’ If anyone holds this view, he should verify his point with good evidence,” Wang said.

  On the other hand, Wang said it might be a bad thing for every Chinese to speculate in stocks. As long as we supervise the market with effective measures, it may not bring any negative impacts, he said.

  “Generally speaking, the current bullish stock market is good, for it not only shows that the stock market is bullish, in essence it reflects that Chinese market economy is really ‘bullish.’ Chinese people have worked hard and paid a lot to expect the day to come. So we should not regard the current stock market as something horrible. Instead, we should cherish the present situation, since it indicates that Chinese people have entered into a new era when they can create their fortune,” Wang .


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  Charges waived on incoming calls in Beijing

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  May 23 - Beijing subscribers of a popular China Mobile service will not pay for incoming calls from within the city starting today as part of the telecom giant's latest move to woo customers with price cuts.

  The company's Beijing subsidiary said yesterday that its GoTone users, who are charged a monthly of 50 yuan (.5), will pay only for calls made. The mobile operator used to charge both the caller and the receiver.

  The of Information Industry said last month that it would urge the nation's mobile operators to further charges and adopt the caller-pay-only model across the nation in two years.

  "The new policy will benefit quite a few users," said Liu Zhe, an with Analysys International, a Beijing-based IT consultancy firm, pointing out that some of its package deals already offer free incoming calls.

  In February, China Mobile launched different service packages, costing from 99 yuan () to 299 yuan () in Beijing; and more than half of its customers now use packages that don't charge for incoming calls.

  Rival China Unicom, too, offers packages which offer free incoming calls.

  "The lowering of charges will help China Mobile maintain its growth while encouraging more use of its services," said Liu.

  China Mobile, the world's largest mobile carrier in terms of users, added 5.28 million subscribers in April alone, pushing its total users to 321.4 million by the end of last month.


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