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Source:Loudinews    Updated:2020-02-28 08:53:41


  At least two Indian security forces personnel were killed and four others injured in a landmine blast triggered by left-wing Naxalite rebels Thursday in the eastern state of Bihar where polling for the third phase of general elections is underway, a police official said.

  "The blast took place at a place between the state's Jamui and Munger districts when a team of paramilitary Central Indian Police Force was on patrol duty on a jeep early this morning. While two were killed on the spot, the injured have been rushed to a local hospital," he said on condition of anonymity.

  The Naxalites are active in Jamui district, where polling is underway, and have called for boycott of the elections.

  A massive manhunt has been launched to trace those responsible for the blast, the official added.


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