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  BMW saw profits fall in the first quarter of 2013 after the carmaker suffered tougher trading in Europe.


  Net profits at the German company fell 3% to 1.31bn euros (.7bn; £1.1bn) on down 4.1% to 17.54bn euros.

  BMW, which also owns Mini and Rolls-Royce, delivered 448,200 vehicles worldwide in the quarter, up 5.3%.

  "We don't expect to receive a great deal of (动力) from most European markets over the next few months," said chief Norbert Reithofer

  But he said that elsewhere in the world, BMW had made a good start to the year.

  "We achieved a new sales volume record for a first quarter. And we managed to keep revenues and at high levels." This should ensure that total annual profits remain at the same levels as last year, he said.

  Last week, Daimler and Volkswagen reported falls in first-quarter profits, also hit by the in European car sales.

  According to industry data, sales in Europe for all carmakers fell 9.8% in March, the 18th drop in a row, with little sign of a turnaround.


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