The XPS Tower isn’t at all advertised as a gaming work area and doesn’t appear as though one.

Best Gaming PC : Review

In its current update of the XPS 8930 Tower, Dell hasn’t done all that much to zest up the equation. It utilizes a mix of matte and reflexive completions to make a dark variant of the gaming-engaged, silver XPS Tower Special Edition.

This new all-dark variant of the XPS Tower is sufficiently pleasant to not have any desire to totally shroud it at the back of your work area, yet it’s unquestionably just the same old thing new.

It ought to be noticed that the XPS Tower isn’t at all promoted as a gaming work area – and it doesn’t seem as though one either. Contrasted with something like the Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop, this is a significantly more unobtrusive case, depending on clean lines and repressed out