Here is the list of best sad WhatsApp status for you.

1. I was your cure and you were my illness. I was sparing you; and you were executing me.

2. There is only some days when everything is by all accounts wrong and nothing feels right 🙁

3. Never let the agony from your past rebuff your present and incapacitate your future.

4. Gracious I’m sad, I overlooked I just exist when you need something from me.

6. The main thing more stunning than the fact of the matter are the untruths individuals advise to cover it up.

7. Everything takes me longer than I anticipate. It’s the miserable truth about existence.

8. The more prominent your ability to love, the more noteworthy your ability to feel the torment.

9. Miserable inclination is quiet indication of what is extremely essential in our life.

10. The quietness isn’t so awful, till I take a gander at my hands and feel dismal. Since the spaces between my fingers are correct where yours fit flawlessly.

11. The hardest thing is to hurt yourself for others’ joy.

12. It’s strange how the most joyful recollections drive you to tears…

13. Seeing individuals change isn’t what harms. What harms is recollecting who they used to be.

14. Never sob for anybody in your life, in light of the fact that those you weep for don’t merit your tears and the individuals who are meriting will never give you a chance to cry.

15. Multi day, you will wake up acknowledging the amount I intend to you. At the point when that day comes, I may have woken up with another person.

16. The hardest part in life is attempting to demonstrate the grin you know is phony and to shroud the tears that won’t stop.