1) Plugin : There are a few modules you can use to include your JavaScript code in particular

Embed Header and footer by WPBeginner

Header and Footer infusions by Stefano Lissa ,this 2 modules are my most loved to include any JavaScript(js)code

Second one is more progress than other one in light of numerous functionalities however the greatest take away is that in the event that you are utilizing Yoast SEO plugins,it may struggle with Header and footer infusions

(2) Hook work : Hooks are capacities that can be connected to an Action or a Filter in WordPress. Activities and Filters in WordPress are capacities that can be altered by topic and module designers to change the default WordPress usefulness. take in more at WPBeginner. how to add adsense verification code to my WordPress site

Snares as a rule don’t accompany free topic ,the vast majority of them are accommodated Pro permit as it were.

in the event that you are utilizing WPAstra theme,it is a standout amongst the most lightest topic you can ever utilize. With the expectation of complimentary client essential snare work is given see the connection beneath